Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Blog

My first Blog...

Well, I guess this will be a good start. Introductions!

I call my self Hugh Nanymoose. Yes, it's how it sounds like. I prefer not to tell much of my identity, but for some who knows how my idea goes, they pretty much will guess who I am.
So, here is the deal. This blog will be multi-lingual because there are things that is better to be expressed in Filipino and there are things that are better expressed in English and some in other foreign language or maybe native dialects that I will leave it to you readers to figure out.

I came from a low class family. So pretty much I am no stranger to struggles. I am educated in schools that my parents prefer. I am no university grad because my parents thought that it will be practical to take a diploma course that provided me the skills to understand IT and land on a supposedly high paying job. I did though had plans to go to college when I have a stable job. But circumstances did not really give me much choice but to abandon the plan and take care of my parents until the time that their stay on earth was revoked and they have to return to our Maker.

Currently, I am employed to a Fortune 500 company and have been staying here since 2007. Prior to my current job, I used to be in the services and manufacturing company. I spent 2 years in the IT support services business and 4 years in manufacturing. Now I am in the call center business which has been in the spot light for quite some time now because of it's impact to the countries economy. This is my 5th year in the call center business combining my years from my former company last 2005. I guess I will still be around in this business for a few more years. My reason? dynamism...well at least from where I'm at. There is a lot of excitement going on in this company that a lot of people are either compelled to stay or leave because of the speed of change the company undergoes. But from my point of view, I think these changes are good as long as you are well informed. Oh yeah, and one of the reason is...Yes, the pay is good.

So I guess, this will be it for now. I will be posting blogs in the near future. It may be mundane, interesting, controversial but not scandalous, it might be opinionated, or whatever you may think about it. But hey, that is my thought.

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